table tennis wiki



Normally a game consists of 3 winning sets. In the maximum 5 sets can be played if there is a 2:2 tie and the 5th set brings the decision.


Gas pressure springs

The own weight of the tabletops is compensated by gas pressure springs (in use in S 8).

Grip (Bats)

Ergo Grip

The latest handle-generation: Unbelievable feeling in the hand palm by closer gripcontact, ergonomic gripshape for absolute power transmission.

Comfort Handle

On the shortened grip semicircle made out of EVA is attached. The game becomes much more comfortable and "more smoothly" by this foam-end.

GS, Class

Table tennis tables are subject to the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG). All products manufactured by Sponeta are labelled with the GS mark as a quality test proof (tested safety). They are divided into several classes according to their range of application:

Class A - High competition
Class B - School and club sports
Class C - Recreational sports (high quality)
Class D - Recreational sports