the dynamic classroom

Wave goodbye to old school!

Modern education is responding to current educational trend of using a number of didactic approaches and tools during lessons. Innovative forms of teaching and learning supplement traditional models. The transition between individual work methods and instruction methods is smooth, and teachers and students are increasingly working on topics actively, interactively and situationally. PROGRESSIO offers you solutions that live up to the high demands of these kinds of room concepts, facilitating progressive, flexible and unobstructed instruction with the smallest amount of organisational effort.

Is PROGRESSIO the right choice for us?

The Swift check:

  • quick adaptation to different teaching methods
  • elements can be freely combined with each other
  • stable, robust and long-lasting furniture
  • tried and tested functionality
  • safe when being used
  • modern ergonomics


Kind mit Brille

worth knowing about our furniture from a to z

a like abs edge

abs edge (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol) ist ein schlagfester, mechanisch und thermisch belastbarer, hochwertiger Kunststoff. Die Kanten werden vollflächig durchgefärbt und erhalten eine Deckschicht im gewünschten Dekor.

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