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Teachers and students face considerable challenges on a daily basis and the furniture in their classrooms should measure up to these challenges. It has to meet the needs of both teachers and their students and be a dependable basis for every interaction they have with each other. For decades, our BONUM line has incorporated all the characteristics needed for creating a setting that is conducive to learning: robust surfaces, a stable and powder-coated premium steel tube frame, modern ergonomics, uncompromising safety and sophisticated details for protecting the furniture and its surroundings. The design makes BONUM a sound and reliable basis for making classroom activities and personal growth fun everyday.


Is BONUM the right choice for us?

The Swift check:

  • quick and easy reconfiguration of classrooms
  • stable, robust and long-lasting furniture
  • tried and tested functionality
  • safe when being used
  • modern ergonomics
  • long availability guarantee

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Kind mit Brille

worth knowing about our furniture from a to z

a like abs edge

abs edge (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol) ist ein schlagfester, mechanisch und thermisch belastbarer, hochwertiger Kunststoff. Die Kanten werden vollflächig durchgefärbt und erhalten eine Deckschicht im gewünschten Dekor.

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