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We have gained a wealth of experience from over 60 years of manufacturing table tennis products which we always put to good use in our products and when assisting our customers. This is why, today, we are considered one of the largest manufacturers of table tennis tables in the world. We have delivered ‘Made by Sponeta’ table tennis tables to more than 90 counties. There are eight different models available which are ideal for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from tables for recreational use to competition tables.

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Part of our philosophy is being able to guarantee our promise to customers that our tables are high quality products, which is validated by our long-standing tradition of manufacturing table tennis tables. Sponeta table tennis products are highly regarded for their superior quality in more than 90 countries around the world.

Reasons to choose Sponeta

What sets us apart from the competition:

  • a wealth of experience from nearly 50 years of in-house production
  • table tennis tables with sturdy construction
  • adherence to the highest safety requirements - all table tennis tables are TÜV/GS-certified
  • wide range of products for amateurs, professionals and everyone in between
  • ‘Made in Germany’ quality
  • ongoing product development to keep pace with changing times


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Sponeta school and contract furniture

During the early 1990s, the company built upon the high quality standards of its table tennis production and began producing furniture as well. The company’s school and contract furniture have an excellent reputation, especially in Europe.

product portfolio

We sell furniture for:

  • classrooms
  • staff rooms
  • offices
  • cafeterias
  • auditoriums
  • sports halls
  • outdoor areas
  • recreation areas

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