the conference classroom

ideal concept for collaborative work

AKADEMIE is the platform that encourages communication and the transfer of knowledge and facilitates collaborative work. It is ideal for any type of constructive exchange of information in a conference room setting. In this type of setting, content, results and objectives can be worked on, discussions held and projects coordinated. It is also where topics can be prepared and finalised, decisions made and suggestions obtained. Of course, this type of room also has to meet the personal needs of all its users. Sponeta AKADEMIE gives you tried and tested solutions for all types of conference room furniture, ranging from storage area and seating concepts to presentation systems and sideboards.

Is AKADEMIE the right choice for us?

The Swift check:

  • effective organisation for everyday necessities
  • stable, robust and long-lasting furniture
  • tried and tested functionality
  • safe when being used
  • modern ergonomics

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Kind mit Brille

worth knowing about our furniture from a to z

a like abs edge

abs edge (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol) ist ein schlagfester, mechanisch und thermisch belastbarer, hochwertiger Kunststoff. Die Kanten werden vollflächig durchgefärbt und erhalten eine Deckschicht im gewünschten Dekor.

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