table tennis wiki


Field of use

Indoor (i)/ Outdoor (e)

Table tennis tables can be used indoors (= i, not weather-proof) or outdoors (= e, weather-proof).

Indoor (i):

Table tennis tables, which are not weatherproof, are only suitable in dry rooms inside a building; they are not resistant to heat, cold, direct sunlight and humidity (relative humidity higher than 60%)

Outdoor (e):

Table tennis tables, which are weatherproof, can remain outside during the whole year. However, we recommend to use a cover for the table tennis table for a longer durability. Table tennis tables have to be secured against gust of wind and storm.

Direct sunlight can cause warping of the tops with the Outdoor-tables which will regress under normal climatic conditions.


Refers to playing with the front of the bat; the palm of the hand is turned towards the opponent.