classrooms reconfigured in a meaningful way

It’s time for a break!

When your brain needs a time out and your body needs food and exercise, it’s time for a break! Communal lounge and break rooms are essential facilities which enable students and teachers to enjoy their much-needed downtime. Modern furnishing concepts make it easier for anyone looking to relax for a while to regenerate their energy levels. Ideally, they should include friendly colours, comfortable seating areas, cleverly integrated relaxation areas and/or an additional sports and game area. With Sponeta ATRIUM, you can design inviting rooms for communal meals, amusement, relaxation and games – a little wellness retreat where everyone leaves more relaxed and receptive to learning than they were when they arrived.

Is ATRIUM the right choice for us?

The Swift check:

  • add-ons for active break-time activities
  • stable, robust and long-lasting furniture
  • tried and tested functionality
  • safe when being used
  • modern ergonomics

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Kind mit Brille

worth knowing about our furniture from a to z

a like abs edge

abs edge (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol) ist ein schlagfester, mechanisch und thermisch belastbarer, hochwertiger Kunststoff. Die Kanten werden vollflächig durchgefärbt und erhalten eine Deckschicht im gewünschten Dekor.

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