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Handle system

Through a two-handed operation of the metal handle underneath the metal frame, both locks on the right and left hand sides can be simultaneously unlocked. The two tabletops are brought, with the help of the handle system, from the storage position into the playing position and vice versa. In the storage position, the tabletops must principally be brought into a vertical position, so that the locks automatically click into place. In the playing position, the locks already click very well into place prior to attaining the horizontal position. In this case, they also ensure high stability on uneven ground.

In use in: S 6-12/13, S 6-52/53, S 7-12/13, S 7-62/63

Height adjustment

Height adjustment of the table tennis tables is easy and quick with the help of a screw. There is the same mechanism with all models. Differences in the height respect. unevenness up to ca. 30 mm can be leveled out with the height adjusters.

Hook system

By lifting the hook on one side, simultaneously and gently pulling it towards the tabletop, the first lock opens. In the same way, the second lock mechanism can also be unlocked and subsequently the tabletop can be brought from the storage position into the playing position. Folding-up of the tabletops from the playing position into the storage position results without further unlocking or opening. In order to achieve this, you merely need to lift the tabletops and place them in a vertical position until the locks audibly click into place. The stability of the table is assured against pressure and tension through the presence of the constant and appropriate net set (in use in: S 1-12/13 i/e, S 1-26/27 i, S 3-46/47 i/e).