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Seat heights

Seat shell

A seat shell is a single piece construction in which the seating area and backrest are ergonomically shaped (e.g. the SINUS seat shell made out of wood and plastic).

Seat shell - SINUS

A new shell with a new core that offers more options for your chairs: SINUS, the three dimensional plastic shell made out of double-walled, structured polypropylene, is tailor-made to fit the body. The flexible backrest reflects the natural form of the spine. The special functional core optimally absorbs pressure and continuously keeps the body slightly in motion.  The shell encourages the user to frequently change their sitting position and to sit up straight, and it promotes active sitting.

SINUS comes in two sizes and nine colours.

The seat shell is 100 per cent recyclable, physiologically harmless and has excellent chemical resistance.

Sizes (G) according to DIN EN 1729

G2 - Year/grade 1 (height 108 -121), indicated in purple

G3 - Years/grades 1-4 (height 119 -142), indicated in yellow

G4 - Years/grades 2-7 (height 133 - 159), indicated in red

G5 - Years/grades 5-13 (height 146 -177), indicated in green

G6 - Years/grades 7-13 (height 159 -188), indicated in blue

G7 - Years/grades 9-13 (height 174 - 207), indicated in brown

Solid core top

High-pressure laminate is made by pressing the layers of paper impregnated with phenolic resin in a mould under high pressure. Decorative laminates also get a layer with a pattern design and another final protective overlay.

We sell the solid core top with a thickness of 12 mm in these patterns: maple, Naples oak, super white and montana.

Benefit: Highly resistant to mechanical stress and humidity.


Soliwood chairs are made from durable synthetic resin densified wood. Soliwood offers a comfortably structured, sealed and non-slip surface. All edges are elegantly shaped and rounded.

Soliwood, solid by nature is a natural product in which many layers of the wood veneers that have been impregnated with synthetic resin are pressed into a mould under high temperatures and pressure. The recyclable and fire-resistant material is scratch and impact resistant, can withstand even the strongest mechanical stresses, and is resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, weathering and cigarette burns. It is ideal for use in public spaces!

Sound insulation

Background noise in schools is a stress factor for students and teachers which should not be underestimated. Ideally, sound insulation should be taken into account when schools are being built.  But it is also possible to take additional measures to minimise noise with sound-absorbing materials (e.g. furniture fronts or partition walls).

Stacking protectors

Chairs are often placed on tables or are stacked on top of each other in order to clean the floor. Many of the chairs are fitted with stack protectors so that they do not get damaged when being stacked.

Storage systems

The shelves for plastic bins, which come in a variety of quantities and sizes and match the colour of our SINUS seat shells, promote modern learning methods. The covers or inlays for the bins are optional.


For teachers’ tables, there are several different types of substructures that are available, such as drawers. They are built on the right side of the table in standard production.