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PEFC is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management and is the equivalent of global ‘Forest-TÜV’ certification. PEFC stands for the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes. This certification is intended to promote sustainable forest management. The most important aim of the PEFC’s product chain verification scheme (chain of custody (CoC)) is to provide buyers of wood products with exact information about the origin of the materials used.

Sponeta takes part in CoC and has the certification number 44702181955.

Plastic bins

Our plastic bins made out of polypropylene keep their shape and are unbreakable and easy to clean. They come in six sizes:

F1 - (WHD) 312 x 75 x 427 mm

F2 - (WHD) 312 x 150 x 427 mm

F3 - (WHD) 312 x 300 x 427 mm

N1 - (WHD) 312 x 75 x 377 mm

N2 - (WHD) 312 x 150 x 377 mm

N3 - (WHD) 312 x 300 x 377 mm

Covers and inlays offer additional protection and more precise organisation.

Plastic protectors/gliders

Our tables and chairs feature the one-of-a-kind Sponeta floor protectors, which are easy to replace (exception: the NICK + Felix + Lilly I frames, which require a cordless screwdriver and riveting pliers). Gliders for different types of floors are available.  Please find out which gliders are suitable for your floor prior to making your purchase. Please note that despite having the best properties, the floor protectors can suffer from wear and tear fairly quickly depending on use and the floor. Please contact us if you need replacement floor protectors.


SPONETA PROGRESSIO: The dynamic classroom

PROGRESSIO offers you solutions that live up to the high demand for versatile learning and room concepts. It facilitates flexible and unobstructed instruction and learning with the smallest amount of organisational effort.

PUR edges

The liquid cast edges made out of polyurethane form an inseparable chemical compound with the chipboard. A high level of scratch and impact resistance is achieved by using polyurethane as the casting material for the edges.

Push cylinder lock for sliding doors (cabinet)