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Height adjustment

Ergonomics in an instant: Adjusting the height of any of the tables and chairs is easy and fast with the hexagon socket screw. The mechanics are the same for all SPONETA models.

Height compensator (cabinet)

Our cabinets and shelves come with an easy-to-use height compensator as a standard feature. The height can be adjusted by putting the adjusting screws (hexagon socket) through the cabinet shelf.


Cabinet doors can be opened 120 or 270 degrees with our hinges. They are placed close to the body of the cabinet so that no space is wasted inside.


High pressure laminate is made by pressing the layers of paper impregnated with phenolic resin in a mould under high pressure. Decorative laminates also get a layer with a pattern design and another final protective overlay.

We sell the solid core top with a thickness of 12 mm in these patterns: maple, beech, super white and montana.

Benefit: Highly resistant to mechanical stress and humidity.