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Cable channel

The cable channel, which is used with computer tables such as BASIC-CT, gives you the option of concealing cables that go from the floor to the tabletop.

Central locking system

Substructures (see reference) of teachers’ desks, such as drawers, can be locked with a lever lock so that all of the drawers can be locked at the same time.

Certified safety – CS

Products with the ‘certified safety’ seal fulfil the requirements of the German Product Safety Act, which has been verified and certified by TÜV, the German technical inspection association. All Sponeta products comply with the German Product Safety Act. You can identify the additional testing conducted by TÜV by the logo:


A chair consists of a seating area and a separate backrest.

Our chairs are ergonomic and have a three dimensional shape for the highest level of comfort (For example, the BASIC and SOLIWOOD school chairs are made from beech wood and either have clear varnishing or are colour stained).


SPONETA’s furniture lines for all types of modern learning methods:

BONUM - The traditional classroom

ADAPTUM - The tailor-made classroom

FILIUS - Fostering know-how in the classroom

PROGRESSIO - The dynamic classroom

CURSUS - The classroom for seminars

MEDIEN - The media classroom

AKADEMIE- The conference classroom

ATRIUM- Classrooms reconfigured in a meaningful way

You can identify the products in the classroom programme with the following symbol or the red dot; the black dot is used for options.


SPONETA CURSUS: The classroom for seminars

This programme offers solutions for multifunctional rooms that are used for seminars, exams, break-time or as an auditorium.