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ABS edges

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a high-quality synthetic material that is impact resistant and mechanically and thermally resilient. The entire surface of the edges is dyed and the top coating is available in the pattern of your choice.


SPONETA ADAPTUM: The tailor-made classroom

For creating various types of areas that facilitate a wide variety of learning styles in the classroom.


SPONETA AKADEMIE: The conference classroom

This programme offers you numerous ideas for staff rooms, offices and conference rooms, ranging from storage and seating concepts to presentation systems and sideboards.

Arch-shaped handles (cabinets and drawers)


SPONETA ATRIUM: Classrooms reconfigured in a meaningful way

With Sponeta ATRIUM, you can design inviting rooms for communal meals, amusement, relaxation and games – a little wellness retreat where everyone leaves more relaxed and receptive to learning than they were when they arrived.