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File levels (FL)

We sell cabinets with file levels ranging from 1 to 5, which can be readily increased with add-on cabinets of up to 8 file levels (5 +3).


SPONETA FILIUS: Fostering know-how in the classroom

The standard configuration for small explorers with child-friendly shapes, colours and organisational aids.

Fire safety

Fire safety plays a primary role when planning and furnishing classrooms. However, the fire safety classes of building materials are often erroneously assigned to furniture, which is technically not possible with upholstered furniture, for example. The basis for upholstered furniture is DIN EN 1021 and the related DIN 66084.

Floor protector

Our tables and chairs feature the one-of-a-kind Sponeta floor protectors, which are easy to replace (exception: the NICK + Felix + Lilly I frames, which require a cordless screwdriver and riveting pliers). Gliders for various types of floors are available (black/white plastic and felt).

Please find out which gliders are suitable for your floor prior to making your purchase. Please note that despite having the best properties, the floor protectors can suffer from wear and tear fairly quickly depending on use and the floor. Please contact us if you need replacement floor protectors.


The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a worldwide recognised certification system that is intended to safeguard responsible forest management. During the certification process, a distinction is made between forest management certification and certification of the product chain (chain of custody).


The height of the Felix footrest chair from Sponeta can be adjusted without any tools. Children with different body sizes can always sit at the same height with this aid, and only the footrest has to be adjusted.