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Quality - Made in Germany

100 % German craftsmanship

We want our furniture to be perfect. Quality comes naturally to us – we consider it the logical consequence of our high standards for the design, condition and performance of our products. We believe there is only one option for being able to live up to these standards: Our products have to undergo continuous testing during the production process. We manufacture our products exclusively in our own factory in Schlotheim, Germany. We never outsource any of the work to make our products; it stays in our hands starting from the first product sketch up until the final inspection.

We are able to give you the guarantee that the quality of our products is consistently high because we have established well-developed and tried and tested processes over the years. Internal and external quality testing back up every individual processing step, including everything from product development, production, concept development services and the provision of services to assembly and logistics. Our in-house testing lab enables us not only to carry out production-related quality controls but it also allows us to make production corrections at short notice and implement optimisation measures. Only once a product has demonstrated that it can meet all the requirements in extensive endurance testing will it make it into our inventory.