premium warranty terms for table tennis tables

With this, on the basis of its General Terms and Conditions of Business, the Sponeta GmbH gives a durability warranty for the outdoor surface of 10 years in case failures occur which are arguably caused by a material or fabrication defects, but this applies especially for:

- consistent mechanical properties

- high impact and break resistance when used in the intended way,

- weather resistance an light-fastness indoors and outdoors according to EN 438-2 section 29 (EN ISO 4892-2), grade 3.

The outdoor surfaces comply with the requirements of EN 438-6 for compact laminates type EGS for outdoor applications.

Transport damages and damages due to improper storage are not covered by this warranty. Damages due to improper use or cleaning and maintenance and damages caused by sand or abrasives are not included as well. The onus that the damages are not caused by the above mentioned circumstances lies with the customer.

If the company Sponeta has accepted the defect as covered by warranty, an appropriate surface, free of defects, (a follow-up model, if necessary) will be supplied.

In case, the asserted claim later turns out as not to be covered by warranty, the customer/client has to compensate the caused damage.

The warranty term shall start with the delivery of the table tennis tables. The warranty claim shall expire within 6 months after the defect has been detected within the warranty period. It has to be explained in writing and claimed by submitting the original invoice/receipt.

Claims other than the ones mentioned in these warranty terms on the correction of the defects of the TT-surface are not covered by this warranty.

The delivery of warranty performances does not extend or renew the warranty period for the product.

Statutory Warranty rights shall not be affected by this premium warranty.

The warranty is subject to the German laws.


Schlotheim, January 2017