warranty policy for seat shell „SINUS“

warranty policy for seat shell „SINUS“ by Sponeta GmbH

Hereby Sponeta GmbH Schlotheim, Thuringia Germany, grants 5 years of guarantee of durability to the seat shell „SINUS“. This guarantee of durability is based on the company's General Terms and Conditions of Business as published on www.sponeta.com and covers defects caused by provable material deficiency or manufacturing error plus:

- identical mechanical characteristics,

- high scratch resistance and fracture strength while used as intended,

- high light-fastness in indoor areas (6-8 according to Wool Scale).

Please note that the seat shell is manufactured for internal use only. Strong mechanical action extending normal use (such as manipulation by scissors, knives, keys and the like) may harm the robust shell. This warranty does not include this kind of damage.

Transport damage and defects emerging from improper storage are not covered by this warranty. Also not included are damages following misuse and/or incorrect cleaning and maintenance (i.e. chemical influences by use of inappropriate detergents [containing halogens]) as well as damage evoked by sand or abrasives. The burden of proof showing that these damages cannot be ascribed to the afore mentioned circumstances resides with the client.

The rectification of a fault acknowledged by Sponeta GmbH as covered by guarantee takes place by deliverance of a seat shell (as appropriate: a successor) free of faults.

In the event of proof that the defect has falsely been claimed as warranty case, the client/purchaser is in charge of compensation.

The period of warranty comes into effect as soon as the seat shell has been delivered. The warranty claim expires within six months after knowledge of damage during the warranty period. It has to be communicated in writing and sent in alongside the original receipt/acknowlegdement.

Any other claims exceeding the right of compensation as mentioned within this Warranty Policy are not covered.

By provided guarantee services the product's warranty term is neither going to be prolonged nor renewed.

Warranty rights according to the German civil right are not affected by this warranty.

This warranty is subject to German Law and the German jurisdiction.

Schlotheim, Germany, 11th November 2014